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Have you ever had a dream with such a clear message it couldn’t be ignored? I had such a dream and I took its message to heart, though it has taken me eight years to complete my first project “inspired” by that dream. You see, I interpreted this dream as telling me to write about three very difficult years of my life. I tried to first use those years to create fiction, but that didn’t work and eventually I gave into the inevitability that I had to write about the actual events of those years. Before I could return to fiction, I had to relive those years through the telling of them. I wouldn’t normally put myself out there like this, but to me this was a directive.

I’ve shared the story of those years in my memoir, “Passing Rain.” Currently, I’ve submitted this project to a couple of literary agents and am waiting to hear back. Meanwhile, I’m blogging about this story, it’s influence on my life and the process of sending it out into the world.

Read about the dream that sent me on this journey and follow my blog, From the Camel’s Mouth, here.

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