Going Indie

I feel comfortable enough with this decision to announce I’m going Indie! What does this mean, my non-writing friends may ask. It means I’m taking control of my writing destiny by self publishing Passing Rain, and if this goes well (and probably even if it doesn’t) I will likely also self pub the paranormal series I have brewing on a back burner, once I write it, of course. 🙂

I shared this with a running friend last night and his reaction was, “Isn’t that like a last resort?” I dare to say for the savvy author these days it’s a great way to go. Not that traditional publishing isn’t still a perfectly sound option in some cases. For me, though, the indie road makes sense.

Yes, it’s lots of work and no, there are no guarantees, but for many authors the e-book revolution has made this not only an acceptable, but often better way to go. Self publishing has taken on new meaning in this digital age.

So rather than get overwhelmed by the huge learning curve I’ll have, as well as the mounting entries on my to-do list, I’m taking a deep breath and starting with The Naked Truth About Self-Publishing by The Indie Voice: 10 NYT Bestselling Authors. Thanks to Stephanie Bond for the recommendation. So far, this book has given me more new resources than I’ve had a chance to follow up on, and it’s had me chuckling through my lunch break in my cube. I’m sure my coworkers at my day job are wondering what I’m finding so amusing. Can I just say Dorien Kelly’s chapter, Revirgination (When Traditional Authors Go Indie) cracked me up? If learning this new landscape is going to be this much fun, I’m in for a grand time.

I also have to say thanks to Wendy Wax for sending me Jane Friedman‘s Electric Speed newsletter. I immediately subscribed. It’s full of industry information geared toward author entrepreneurs. I kind of like that term.

If you’re an indie author (or are researching them)and have other resources to share I’d love to hear them!

If you’re not an author, but have questions or thoughts about this whole self pubbing thing I’d love to hear those, as well. As a reader, do you know or care who publishes the books you’re reading?

It’s a brave new world and I look forward to navigating it, one step at a time!

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16 thoughts on “Going Indie”

  1. If J. K. Rowling can sell the e-book versions of the “Harry Potter” series directly from her website, then you can self-publish too! Actually, it would be nice to see your name among the writers who have self-published over the years. You’re joining writers I enjoy like Lord Byron, Alexander Dumas, T.S. Eliot, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Allen Poe, Ezra Pound, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Henry David Thoreau, and Mark Twain.

    Some writers might have problems without a publisher to manage legal issues, but you’re smart enough to clear that hurdle without a publisher. It seems the best first step is simply to register your book(s) with the federal copyright office prior to publication.

    I think it’s a great decision you’ve made on this front. I’m happy for you. As my favorite literary character would say “The game is afoot.”

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