Keeping on Task

I’m making a list and checking it twice. It’s actually not that kind of list, though I’m doing my best to embrace the cooler temps and the Christmas decorations already adorning the stores. As always, I’m amazed at how quickly time passes. I’m still in my summer state of mind while others are excitedly pulling out their sweaters. I tend to move at my own pace and not worry too much if that pace doesn’t match anyone else’s.

Okay, maybe I’m a little envious of my author friends who write at a pace where they produce multiple books in a year and my running buddies who run at a pace that qualifies them for wave A of the PTRR. Both are paces I’d love to achieve but I accept that my life may not yet allow me to attain these levels. To keep me on track with my own pacing, at least when it comes to writing (running involves a different process, though possibly with an equivalent amount of sweat and tears) I use to do lists.

Which brings me to my update for this week. I have made that list, my Indie Pubbing To Do List, and I’m checking things off. The featured picture for this post is my actual list. I wrote it on my fun little note pad (with its nice summer theme), because I’m determined to make this a fun process. This pad opens like a book and the list continues onto the next couple of pages. I stopped, because my to dos may change before I can get that far.

I think the most important thing, that has happened this week is that I’m actually visualizing “Passing Rain” as a finished product. Previously, it has been more of a vague hope to send it out into the world. Now that I’ve mapped a draft of the path it will take in getting there, it is already becoming more real to me. So, even if I haven’t checked as many items off this list as I might have hoped, actually seeing this as a reality feels like pretty good progress to me.

How is everyone else keeping on task, especially as we’re heading into the holidays?

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4 thoughts on “Keeping on Task”

  1. Doeren, so nice to see that all is falling into place. As with many things, time, patience and persistence seem to help us accomplish many of the goals we set before ourselves. As always, Hold the Pace and Finish Strong. ( Sorry, that’s the runner in me.) Looking forward to more.

  2. “I think the most important thing, that has happened this week is that I’m actually visualizing “Passing Rain” as a finished product.”

    That is great news! It deserves to be out there. I could wax poetic about why it needs to be read, but your finished product will speak for itself.

    The “Thoreau” approach to pacing works in all aspects of life. The key for me to keep on task is having a list, but remaining flexible.

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